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Ring for price. Montecristo 80th Aniversario Cigar - Box of 20


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Ring for price


In 1935, a cigar brand was born in Havana. It was named after a famous novel which was a particular favourite with the Torcedors (cigar rollers) who enjoyed being read to by the Lector whilst they hand crafted their masterpieces. The book was "The Count of Montecristo" and the brand of course became Montecristo. 

Today, Montecristo is the best selling and most well known premium cigar brand in the world and last year celebrated its 80th Anniversary. To mark the occasion, a commemorative cigar was unveiled aptly named the "80 Aniversario" but unforeseen circumstances delayed its launch. However, this much anticipated cigar has now arrived much to the delight of the many Montecristo enthusiasts around the world. It is an entirely new size within the Habanos portfolio (6 ½” (165mm) x 55 ring gauge) and is presented in commemorative boxes of 20 cigars. The cigars are also dressed with a second band and limited production will ensure that these cigars will be extremely sought after.


  • Ring Gauge : 55
  • Length : 6 1/2
  • Quantity : 20

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