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iQOS ILUMA ONE Kit Heated Tobacco System

Holmes Cuban Cigars

  • £8.00


QOS ILUMA ONE Starter Kit Key Features

  • Heated tobacco System by IQOS
  • Uses real tobacco IQOS TEREA sticks
  • 20 consecutive uses per charge
  • Bladeless induction heating technology
  • No cleaning required
  • Not compatible with Heets

Weight: 68.5g
Dimensions: 121.6mm x 30.6mm x 16.4mm

Any colour will be sent ,if you require a  colour please email and ask us what IQOS colour is available.


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About the IQOS ILUMA ONE Starter Kit

The IQOS ILUMA ONE is a newly developed heated tobacco device that boasts all the features of previous IQOS kits in an all-in-one format.

Adopting a sleek pen-style design, the ILUMA ONE provides an unbeatable experience by using real tobacco TEREA Sticks. Simply insert a TEREA stick into your ILUMA ONE device and wait 60 seconds while the device pre-heats; you're now ready to enjoy a smooth and authentic heated tobacco experience with 95% less harmful chemicals.

The ILUMA ONE heated tobacco device provides up to 20 uses once fully charged, enough power to use one full pack of TEREA Sticks. Thanks to new SmartCore technology, IQOS ILUMA kits require no cleaning or maintenance, and offer a more consistent and flavourful experience than original IQOS kits and HEETS Sticks. Each TEREA Stick contains an integrated heating element for an intuitive insert-and-inhale experience; no more broken blades or unwanted tobacco residue. 

Designed with travel, commuting and busy schedules in mind, the IQOS ILUMA ONE offers a premium heated tobacco alternative for any lifestyle. Perfectly pocket friendly for easy stowing and discreetly designed for those not wanting to be in the limelight. Level up today with the elegant IQOS ILUMA ONE.