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Cohiba - Siglo IV - Box of 25


  • £1,799.00
  • £1,899.00

As with all Cohiba Siglo cigars the flavours are little smoother and creamier compared to other Cohibas. The Siglo IV has the reputation of being one the best from the Siglo Range (the Siglo VI is outstanding too). The larger 46 gauge allows more flavours to saturate the palate with rich & complex flavours. Distinct grassy, herbaceous flavours are very prominent, with creamy sweet bean flavours making their presence known throughout the cigar. Definitely not for the inexperienced or Dominican smoker due to rich flavours and long smoking time.


  • Ring Gauge : 46
  • Length : 5 5/8
  • Filler : Cuban
  • Binder : Cuban
  • Wrapper : Cuban
  • Quantity : 25

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