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Dunhill - Tabaras - Box of 10 Tubed


  • £123.15

Before the Cuban embargo Dunhill brought some of the best Cuban vintages for special releases, now they blend some of the finest tobacco from Nicaragua, Dominican & Cameroon resulting in rich and flavoursome cigars. The new Dunhill aged Dominican range produces rich and creamy cigars with a well balanced and rounded flavour due to the aged tobaccos found within the sleek cigars

Quite light and initially slightly dusty with hints of citrus and tea leaves. It begins to develop a light peppery note towards the middle of the cigar. Relatively straightforward but a pleasant smoke nevertheless. The flavours strengthen towards the end and a touch of lead pencil can be detected. (CG)


  • Ring Gauge : 42
  • Length : 5 1/3
  • Binder : Dominican Binder
  • Wrapper : Shade grown Connecticut wrapper
  • Quantity : 10

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