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Cohiba - Siglo III - Single Tubed - Tobacco UK

Cohiba - Siglo III - Single Tubed


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As with all Cohiba Siglo cigars the flavours are little smoother and creamier compared to other Cohibas, with subtle cocoa/coffee bean and grassy flavours. The Siglo III with its 6 1/8 length with a 42 ring gauge offers a longer smoke than the Siglo II. Not really recommended for less experienced smokers as the size and richness of flavour makes this cigar a little to much if you don't smoke regularly. We have very limited stocks of our Aged Cohiba Siglos III left, if you want to experience a 10 year old Cohiba please visit our Aged & Rare selection.


  • Ring Gauge : 42
  • Length : 6 1/8
  • Rolled In : Cuba
  • Filler : Cuban
  • Binder : Cuban
  • Wrapper : Cuban
  • Quantity : 1

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